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Shaping the Future of Work at Ideaware

Nov 11, 2020 06:53 · 166 words · 1 minute read Tech Software Thoughts

2020 is the year that changed everything how we work. Are we getting rid of our office?

I’m very grateful and fortunate to work in an industry that has allowed us to grow in 2020 and we have big plans for expansion in 2021.

For the past few month’s I’ve re-thinking to use our office space at Ideaware. Remote is here to stay but I also want to have a HQ available to any team member in case they need to get out of the house or a quiet space to work in.

However we will not be expanding to bigger/new office spaces. Instead we are turning our current space into some sort of private co working space, where no one has a fixed desk but instead we will let our team members book desks, meetings rooms or any other space they need.

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