Entrepreneurship Thoughts · 17 Sep 20

10 Reasons Founders SHOULD Consider A Side Hustle

Sorry Forbes, I disagree.

Forbes today: 10 Reasons Founders Should Consider Saying No To A Side Hustle

I disagree, here are my 10 reasons why you SHOULD consider a side hustle, in the same order:

  1. ‘A Mile Wide And An Inch Deep’

Nope, side projects help you learn new things, connect with other mindsets and in the long tern, help you grow.

  1. ‘Flywheel’ Blindness

Nope, keeping various projects going increases your chance of success.

  1. The Wrong Side Of The Snowball Effect

You can align many of your projects or ideas towards the same goals. Just different ways to get there.

  1. Limiting Your Time Learning

Huh? Having side projects HELPS you learn as you venture into the unknown.

  1. Limiting Your Time To Recharge

Side hustles actually help you disconnect from the grind. Just find a fun one!

  1. Diversification Isn’t Always The Fastest Way To Succeed

Keep. them. focused. on. your. main. goal.

  1. Losing Team Buy-In

Be there for your team. They don’t actually need you 24/7.

  1. Investors Will Shy Away

Most ventures start like a side hustles. I know all of mine did. I don’t have investors, not looking for any. But hey.

  1. Losing Your Competitive Edge

Again, focus your hustles on your main goals. Where do you want to be 5 years from now? What is it that makes you stand out? Focus your efforts around that.

  1. The Curse Of A Branch To Swing To

Keep your main business/company/hustle going, make sure it is stable, brings income and growth. Also work on new opportunities.

/end rant

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